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Lead with Levity

Leadership: Keynote or Breakout

Successful people—in business, politics and life in general—have something in common: they understand that humor is an important trait for effective leaders. Ronald Reagan was a master at using humor on the world stage; the characters in M*A*S*H used humor to retain their sanity amid horrendous conditions; and your audience can learn how to use humor effectively in their daily work lives. Properly used, humor is a dynamic strategy that strengthens resilience, enhances communication, and increases engagement. Karyn uses (hysterical) personal anecdotes, (solid) medical research, and (practical) tips to help your audience enhance their humor skills in the service of better leadership.


When Funny Means Money: Humor as a Serious Business Strategy

General Business/Entertainment: Keynote

Do you think that humor and business don’t go together? Think again! There’s a good reason why American Express paid Jerry Seinfeld millions of dollars to star in their ads. They know that “While logic tells, emotion sells”—and that humor is the quickest route to the emotions. In this keynote you will learn: How humor functions as a leadership tool, a sales aid, and a customer service strategy; how humor goes to the bottom line; the neuroscience behind how and why humor bypasses people’s logic circuits, and influences their buying decisions through emotion; and specific strategies for utilizing humor in your business—and your life.

Personal Development

Amazed & Amused: Strategies of the Sane & Successful

Inspiration/Entertainment: Keynote

Success is not measured only in dollars and cents, but also in the moments that you live amazed and amused. Customers are not really “yours” until they have been amazed and/or amused by your products, your services, or your people. Leadership finds its inspiration not in duty, but in grasping the amazing power of one’s vision and will, and in motivating the amusing diversity of many people’s personalities and skills. Bestselling author, business consultant, and observer of the human condition Karyn Buxman will take you on a life-changing journey of humor and hope.

I’ve Got One Nerve Left–and You’re Standing on It

Resilience/Keynote or Breakout

Expanding responsibilities, shrinking budgets, cranky coworkers, family demands, too much to do and not enough time to do it! Is it any wonder that we’re all a little edgy? Discover how to survive and thrive in a world of change. Find out how taking care of yourself can affect everyone’s bottom line. Learn how to get through the toughest of days and still remain smiling. Discover how to survive and thrive in a world of change.

10 Quick Strategies for Soothing Stress

I Know You Think You Understood What You Thought I Said

Communication: Keynote/Breakout/Workshop

Whether you’re communicating one-on-one, in a small group, or before a large audience—humor can give you a serious advantage. Want to convey information? Do you need to deal difficult person? Do you want to avoid putting your foot in your mouth? Join Karyn Buxman for the opportunity to laugh and to learn how to ramp up the effectiveness of your communication and reap the rewards.

See a topic that is perfect for your group?  Call 877-917-7991 to book your event today!


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When You Book Karyn Buxman To Speak, Here’s What You Get:

  • Engaging, eye-opening custom presentations that educate, empower & entertain
  • Simple, easy-to-implement strategies your team can use to start changing now
  • Behind the scenes support to make sure the message gets through to your team
  • Social media promotion: a great way to share the message that your brand cares
  • And more! Ask about Karyn’s fully customizable Lead With Laughter packages!

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Now that you’ve hired Karyn…

Here are some helpful frequently asked questions to get you started.

1. You've Booked Karyn, Now What?

  • My job is to make your job easier and more fun! (And to make you look like a hero!)
  • First you'll receive a speaking agreement. (Straightforward--no legalese.)
  • Sign and return with 50% deposit to hold the date (remainder of fee is due the day of the event).
  • You (and or your committee) will fill out a questionnaire (see bottom of web page) to assist me in personalizing my presentation for YOUR group.
  • A few weeks prior to the event, we'll finalize the details with a conference call.
  • Enjoy the accolades as your group applauds you for doing such an awesome job for this year's event!

2. Is there a downloadable form for the Pre-Program Questionnaire?

Download the PDF form here.

3. Can I Get a High Resolution Photo of Karyn?

Download High Resolution Photos of Karyn Buxman

Download High Resolution Healthcare Photos of Karyn Buxman

4. What's the optimal room set up?

Karyn loves to move about the stage so either a wireless lavaliere or head mic is requested. A riser is great if you have more than 50 people so that they can have an unobstructed view. Karyn doesn't use a lectern so if there needs to be on the stage, move to one side and slightly back from the front so again, it doesn't block audience view. If there is a head table on the stage, please move to the back of the stage during her presentation (or off the stage entirely). If there are people seated at the head table, invite them to reserved seats in the front row during Karyn's presentation--otherwise they will get a stellar view of her back!

Please provide a small table for her to set items on that she'll be referring to (this could be a cocktail table or slightly larger), and a glass of water.

If you are setting up rounds, half-rounds are best so that people don't have their backs to the stage. If theater style is preferred, chevron is best. By angling the rows you maximize the ability of people to see other people's faces. This can really ramp up the audience's enjoyment and response even more. If you are setting up classroom style, again, angle the rows so that people can see one another, rather than having rows run straight across the room. Whatever your set-up may be, set the audience close to the stage--don't leave a huge alley between Karyn and the attendees. Let them be up close and personal.

Karyn prefers lights full up so that the audience is wide awake, and again, can see one another clearly, as well as see Karyn. If slides/visuals are used, she prefers Keynote (Mac) over PowerPoint and will even bring her own Dongle (and that’s no joke!).

5. What about Karyn's travel and travel expenses?

Karyn knows budgets are tight and will do her best to get you a great airfare. Her preferred airline is American and because of her platinum status, she is able to waive baggage fees. Because her schedule changes so frequently, she generally flies business class or refundable coach. If Karyn flies from one client to the next client, she will split that leg of the airfare between the two clients--offering additional savings.

When arranging a hotel room for Karyn, please book non-smoking direct billed to your master account. And because she needs a good-night's sleep before your event, please request a room not next to an ice machine, elevator, or exit door. (A bottle of Dom Perignon in the room and a Cabana boy to serve it up are not mandatory--but wow! What better way to say "Welcome to our event"!)

Karyn is directionally challenged. (It's true, she could not find her way out of a brown paper bag with a map!) To get her to and from the hotel from the airport you can have someone pick her up, or have her get a cab--but having her get a rental car is something you want only as a last resort! Parking is only charged if it is at your event--not for the cost of her parking her car in the San Diego Airport parking lot.

As for meals, Karyn can include this in an overall flat fee (see below), charge a per diem of $50/day, or invoice with receipts after your event. She has no dietary restrictions and she loves all foods with the exception of lima beans or blue cheese--probably not on your banquet menu anyway.

Tip and incidentals: These are minor expenses, generally $20 or less per trip.

Travel expenses can be handled one of two ways. Karyn does have a flat fee for travel that includes airfare, ground transportation, meals, tips and any other incidentals. All you are responsible for is the hotel room. The expenses are paid along with the speaking fee the day of the event and voilà! You are done with any more exchange of monies, invoices, and the like. Inquire with her about her current flat fee rate for expenses.

The other option is that Karyn can invoice you after the event for expenses. She will provide copies of receipts along with the invoice. The travel expenses are due 14 days upon receipt.

That's pretty much it! If you have any additional questions, call her office at 877-917-7991.

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See Karyn Buxman Live!

Karyn performs all across the country on a regular basis. Most of her performances are for closed or private audiences, but with a little notice you may be able to catch the show. If you’d like to make arrangements to attend a performance please email Karyn your request. Please let us know which performance you’d like to attend and how many people you’d like to bring as your guests.

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