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Karyn Buxman is an award-winning, globally-recognized neurohumorist, thought leader and speaker. She teaches groups of all sizes how to use humor to be more effective leaders, communicate clearly and create effective engagement.

The world we live – and do business in! – is amazing and amusing. Check out how Karyn’s spreading the word:

On The Radio

Why Humor Is Vital For Your Success
BisTalk Radio with Host Bob Ryan
Disrupting With High Performance Humor

There’s Everything Funny About Wholesaling with Karyn Buxman
Strategic Meeting Tech Podcast Show – Karyn Previews Her Lead With Levity Presentation
January Jones
Radio Show 92.4 FM Munich, Germany
There’s Everything Funny About Wholesaling with Karyn Buxman
Let's Talk! Going Gym Free with Hosts Marc & Beth and Guest Karyn Buxman
The Power of Humor - Interview with Karyn Buxman
What’s so Funny About Stress With Karyn Buxman
Leadership Happy Hour

In The Media

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Karyn was awarded the "Adultitis Fighter of the Month".
Realizing Leadership!
Humor Is Smart for the Workplace
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Laughing Until You Die

A Good Reason To Laugh
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Invisible Disabilities Association
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Authority Insights Interview
The Coaching Show - Karyn Buxman and Ben Dooley
Humorist Karyn Buxman Talks Seriously About Workplace Fun


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